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Next Act Workshop: How to launch your second career with the Business of the Biz & Lynne Carole.

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Next Act Workshop:
How to launch your second career.

Learn what casting directors and agencies are looking for.

Unique to this Workshop:

For aspiring actors and models 50yrs+: The entertainment industry offers various opportunities for aspiring actors and models who are 50+, who are interested in expanding their life experience or changing careers. This workshop focuses on the 50+ niche and what it takes to market yourself as a mature talent.

The industry for 50+ actors and models: Outlining the opportunities available in a growing market.

The Advantage of Experience: Knowing how to transpose your life experience into your acting career.

Testimonial: Kelly Grunther

Kelly Grunther, after experiencing a successful and rewarding career in PR industry, talks about how she came to be a commercial model, with the help of Lynne Carole.

Melanie; another successful client of the Lynne Carole's Business of the Biz

“Lynne was the first industry expert I met with when toying with the idea of breaking in to the business of modeling and acting after 20-plus years in another profession. Her advice, guidance, and enthusiasm was invaluable in helping me make that leap, and I haven’t looked back! If you are thinking of breaking into the business and don’t know where to start, look no further.”

~Melanie, Actress/Model

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