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Personal consultations with Lynne Carole.

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What you will need more than anything else, as you work to build your acting or modeling career, is access to unbiased truth. There is no substitute for an honest critique. and nothing more valuable than having a trusted confidant in your corner, who has no ambition other than to inspire the best in you, from your first photoshoot to your first casting call and beyond.

“Eye-to-Eye” offers two types of consultations, for aspiring actors and models at all stages of their careers. The purpose of these sessions, is to provide hands on personal guidance, honest assessments and a level of professional guidance that only 30 years experience can deliver. Knowing how to professionally market your career is the key to creating opportunity. Let us show you how, by sharing the truth and working together to hone your strategy.

Eye-to-Eye: The Seamless Package

One-on One Consultations with Lynne Carole

Eye-to-Eye: The Next Level

One-on One Consultations with Lynne Carole

For Aspiring Models and Actors of All Ages.

Prerequisite: Must take one of our Biz Workshops.

Creating the Seamless Package.

A 3 hour consultation with Lynne Carole, including profile creation on casting sites.

Session Outline:

There are a growing number of opportunities in the entertainment industry for professionals who know how to market their talents and manage their ambition effectively. Separated into two comprehensive one on one sessions, “Creating the Seamless Package” focuses on building your career, piece by piece, the right way right from the beginning.

Part 1

Assessing your look and niche.

Identifying the right photographer for you.

Preparing for a photo shoot: Looks, type of wardrobe, references, etc.

Discuss professional training.

Part 2

Choosing the right photo’s for casting sites, websites and social media.

Creating a comprehensive profile on legit casting sites.

Discussing video content strategy.

Self Submitting overview.

Finding representation.

While there is no guaranteed success in the entertainment industry, there are too many ways to guarantee failure. Applying the right mindset, creating the right content, and implementing the right strategy is the only way to make most of your talents and ambition as you begin to navigate the entertainment industry… and it all starts with “Creating the Seamless Package.”

Book time with Lynne directly after purchase.

For Working Models and Actors of All Ages.

Prerequisite: Must take one of our Biz Workshops.

The Next Level.

For actors or models who are currently active in the industry, and want to learn how to advance their careers.

Session Outline:

If you are an actor or model who has not yet created the opportunities for your talents that you were hoping to create: you’re probably not marketing yourself correctly. “The Next Level” is an intensive one-on-one session with a professional talent agent, that focuses on strategy, content, and marketability.

The truth is simple: when it comes to creating opportunity, believability is an actors greatest commodity …while mediocrity is an actors biggest nemesis. Lets see if we can advance your career, by improving your approach, and honing your strategy.

Overview of acting/modeling background.

Assessing look, type, and talent.

Critiquing content: photo’s, reels, online presence.

Re-evaluating profile.

Choosing new photos if necessary.

Discuss alternative marketing strategies.

Discuss new submission strategy.

Discuss training and talent.

Professional referrals.

Book time with Lynne directly after purchase.

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