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Modeling Biz 101 Workshop: Get your career off the ground with the Business of the Biz & Lynne Carole.

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Modeling Biz 101 Workshop:
Get your career off the ground!

Learn what casting directors and agencies are looking for.

Unique to this Workshop:

For aspiring models 18yrs+: There is specific criteria that relates to the modeling industry that everyone should know before they invest in their first photo shoot. This workshop focuses on the tools, strategies and industry knowledge you will need to make sound choices and avoid costly mistakes, as you create and market your modeling career:

Modeling World: Outlining the opportunities available and what the industry expects from a professional model.

Honing your Mindset: Preparing for the critique, handling rejection, protecting yourself and staying focused on your goals.

The Power of the Eyes: A model is a story teller who communicates through the eyes. Learn how to hone your skills.

Types of Modeling: What type of modeling should you focus on? Commercial? Fashion? Parts? etc.

Your Website: Creating your own marketing platform that tells your story in a personal way.

Working With Agencies: How to find an agent and learn to self submit.

Go Sees: What is it? How to properly prepare for a Go See.

Expanding your Portfolio: How to invest wisely and diversify your look.

Testimonial: Jitka Vesela

Jitka Vesela was an aspiring model and actress who met Lynne, only a few days after coming to America. As a guest at Lynne Carole’s ModelJam Event in NYC, Jitka spent a moment to thank Lynne for her guidance and giving her the opportunity to be all she could be.

Ashley; another successful client of the Lynne Carole's Business of the Biz

“Learning from Lynne, a successful agent, leader, former model and most importantly a role model motivated me to put myself outside of my comfort zone and take a chance on myself.

In the past year, I have been able to grow and prosper as a young model and future business woman and I owe a lot of credit to Lynne and the creative and inspiring team at the Lynne Experience Model/Talent Agency. Lynne has lead me to another stepping stone in my career, by enableing me to have more confidence which has forced me to challenge myself.”

~Ashley, Actress

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