we cast the right people for the right event.

The Lynne Experience is a true model & talent agency with an extensive proprietary database, models, actors, influencers, brand ambassadors… the right talent.

Our talent agents know how to cast the right talent for all of your staffing needs. In addition to our database, we cast and recruit in many non-traditional environments to find you just the right talent when you need them. We help bring experiences to life by marrying our extensive casting experience with our technology and detailed training.  We build meaningful relationships with fashion and trade show models, actors, musicians, artists, brand ambassadors, and other specialized talent and provide them with diverse opportunities to enhance their careers.

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Hire Talent

Regardless if you call us a modeling agency, talent agency, a model and talent agency, an event staffing agency or any other name it doesn’t change our belief that Casting is Everything! We believe that it is more important to provide you not only the best model/talent/brand ambassador staffing but also the right person for the event. We use a strategic mix of art and science to cast for your needs. We will partner with you to:

• Identify the right profile for the role •
• Identify the project specific requirements •
• Systematically identify the range for the ideal candidates •
• Screen the ideal candidates •
• Select the right person for your event •

Brand Ambassadors

Whether you call it sales promotions, street teams, retail marketing, experiential marketing, field marketing, demos, Retailtainment, mobile tours, trade shows, road shows, assisted selling, promotional staffing, etc., The Lynne Experience works relentlessly to find you the right brand ambassadors to bring your experience to life locally or nationally.


Print models, trade show models, fashion show models, runway models, promotional models, fit models, showroom models, mannequin models, shoe models, swimsuit models, plus size models, mature/senior models, ethnic models, and promotional staffing are just a few of the terms used in the industry. The Lynne Experience works relentlessly to find you the right person to bring your experience to life locally or nationally.

Talent Casting

Do you need actors, musicians, body painters, makeup artists, cosmetologists or any other specialized talent for your next event? The Lynne Experience is a New York based Talent Management Agency that can help you fill all of your talent needs.

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Talent Consulting

The Lynne Experience is a nationwide model and casting agency. We know how to market talent, we understand the complexities involved in trying to navigate through this industry and we are a true source of real information for those who are serious about starting or expanding their careers in the modeling and acting world.

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