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The Biz Workshops

These workshops are a must for beginners. Providing step by step guidance that concentrates on what to do, when to do it and who to rely on, as you begin to navigate the talent industry:

Acting Biz Workshop: 18yrs+

101: Getting Started in the Acting Biz!

Kidz Biz Workshop: 0-17yrs

Support & protect your budding star.

Modeling Biz Workshop: 18yrs+

101: Get your life as a model off the ground.

Next Act Workshop: 50 yrs+

How to Launch your Second Career.


All “Biz Workshops” cover these topics:

Introduction: Who is Lynne Carole? Background – Experience – Accomplishments (→ Read Bio)

The Power of Marketing: The importance of creating the right marketing strategy right …from the beginning.

Creating your Brand: Assessing your look / type. How does the industry see you?

Photography: Prepare for headshots & photoshoots. Work with the right people. Create the right image.

Casting sites: Where to legitimately market your look, type, skills. Creating a professional profile.

Videos and Reels: What makes a great video & why the video is an actor’s most important marketing tool.

Becoming your own agent: Where, when & how to self submit for roles through casting sites.

Auditions: How to properly prepare for a casting call or self taped audition & make the most of opportunities.

Expanding your Talent: What type of classes should an actor or model invest in, why and when should you take them.

Commercial Acting: a great place to begin: The universal “go to” for aspiring actors & models.

Terms to Know: Expanding your industry vocabulary, what is a slate, sides etc.

Agents vs Managers: What is the difference… How to find one. What are they looking for. When do you begin.

Union & Non-union Jobs: What are the differences and what it means to you.

Networking: How to network properly. How to expand your influence through Instagram and social media.

Biz Workshop Takeaways

A Professional Casting Assessment: Identifies your specific look and how the “natural you” fits the industry. How would a casting agent see you and how to use who you are to your advantage.

A List of Reputable Industry Professionals: Our list of photographers, stylists, coaches, teachers, acting schools, casting sites, agencies, managers and more, is meant to guide aspiring actors and models to the right people for the right services at the right time. Investing wisely in your career is how you create sustainability and inspire opportunity.

Step by Step Roadmap: Continued access to a workshop outline for all students.

For Aspiring Actors Ages 18+

Fall Workshop 1: October 29, 2018 | 7pm – 9pm

Acting Biz 101 Workshop:
Getting started!

Learn what casting directors and agencies are looking for.

Unique to this Workshop:

For aspiring actors 18yrs+: Creating opportunity and getting noticed in the talent industry takes knowledge and strategy, just as much as it takes talent. Learn how to create your look, market your skills, invest in the right tools, avoid costly mistakes and grow your talents, as you begin your career as an actor.

Acting World: Outlining the opportunities available to aspiring actors in a growing market.

“Learning from Lynne, a successful agent, leader, former model and most importantly a role model motivated me to put myself outside of my comfort zone and take a chance on myself.

In the past year, I have been able to grow and prosper as a young model and future business woman and I owe a lot of credit to Lynne and the creative and inspiring team at the Lynne Experience Model/Talent Agency. Lynne has lead me to another stepping stone in my career, by enableing me to have more confidence which has forced me to challenge myself.”

~Ashley, Actress

For Aspiring Models Ages 18+

Fall Workshop 1: November 12, 2018 | 7pm – 9pm

Modeling Biz 101 Workshop:
Get your career off the ground!

Learn what casting directors and agencies are looking for.

Unique to this Workshop:

For aspiring models 18yrs+: There is specific criteria that relates to the modeling industry that everyone should know before they invest in their first photo shoot. This workshop focuses on the tools, strategies and industry knowledge you will need to make sound choices and avoid costly mistakes, as you create and market your modeling career:

Modeling World: Outlining the opportunities available and what the industry expects from a professional model.

Honing your Mindset: Preparing for the critique, handling rejection, protecting yourself and staying focused on your goals.

The Power of the Eyes: A model is a story teller who communicates through the eyes. Learn how to hone your skills.

Types of Modeling: What type of modeling should you focus on? Commercial? Fashion? Parts? etc.

Your Website: Creating your own marketing platform that tells your story in a personal way.

Working With Agencies: How to find an agent and learn to self submit.

Go Sees: What is it? How to properly prepare for a Go See.

Expanding your Portfolio: How to invest wisely and diversify your look.

Fall Workshop 1: October 27, 2018 | 1pm – 3pm

Kidz Biz Parents’ Workshop:
Support & protect your budding star.

Learn what casting directors and agencies are looking for.

Unique to this Workshop:

For parents of talented kids 0-17yrs: There are many nuances that comes with guiding a child actor or model into the entertainment industry…the right way. Our “Kidz Biz Parents’ Workshop” focuses on what it takes to get noticed in this industry and what being a parent of a child actor or model entails. This workshop includes a fun and engaging taped casting session with your child.
→ Click here to learn more.

Acting World: Outlining the opportunities available to child actors in a growing market.

The Rules: Labor laws, trust funds, child permits.

Parenting a Child Actor: Creating a positive experience for both you and your child in a competitive industry.

“We had no clue where to begin when our daughter, Alaina, decided that she wanted to go beyond the scope of community theater and to pursue becoming a professional actress/model. Lynne Carole of the Lynne Experience, thankfully came into our lives around the same time and was extremely helpful. She directed us to a professional photographer for amazing head shots, sent Alaina out on jobs, connected her with an LA agency which led to a booking for the Five Below Stores’ print ad campaign and then about a month later to another booking for the video shoot for commercials for the Five Below store products, all incredible experiences and opportunities that were vastly due to our relationship with Lynne and the Lynne Experience.”

~Devina, Mom of Alaina

The Kids Biz Personal Casting Assessment

Our “Kids Biz Casting Sessions” are designed to measure your child’s natural ability to engage with others and express themselves freely. A child actors biggest asset is their personality and how well they can deliver that personality. Our goal is to extend to parents the tools and insight they will need to make sound choices for their child’s career going forward.

• Children under 2 will not be filmed, please bring child’s photo to workshop

• Children 3-7 will be interviewed on camera

• Children 8 years and older will be given commercial copy to read on camera

How it works:

• Casting sessions will take place during our parent Kids Biz workshop.

• All videos are filmed in adjacent studio.

• All children under 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult over 18, during casting session. (In this case two adults will be required to attend workshop)

• Parents will be emailed video with a detailed assessment of your child’s type, look, marketability , and industry niche within a week.

• Our casting sessions are designed to honestly convey to a parent through the eyes of an experienced casting agent, where their child stands and what tools and strategies they will need to do to get started as an actor or model the right way …right from the beginning.

For Aspiring Actors and Models Ages 50+

Fall Workshop 1: November 5, 2018 | 7pm – 9pm

Next Act Workshop:
How to launch your second career.

Learn what casting directors and agencies are looking for.

Unique to this Workshop:

For aspiring actors and models 50yrs+: The entertainment industry offers various opportunities for aspiring actors and models who are 50+, who are interested in expanding their life experience or changing careers. This workshop focuses on the 50+ niche and what it takes to market yourself as a mature talent.

The industry for 50+ actors and models: Outlining the opportunities available in a growing market.

The Advantage of Experience: Knowing how to transpose your life experience into your acting career.

“Lynne was the first industry expert I met with when toying with the idea of breaking in to the business of modeling and acting after 20-plus years in another profession. Her advice, guidance, and enthusiasm was invaluable in helping me make that leap, and I haven’t looked back! If you are thinking of breaking into the business and don’t know where to start, look no further.”

~Melanie, Actress/Model

Full Course Schedule Below:

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