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The Biz Workshops

These workshops are a must for beginners. Providing step by step guidance that concentrates on what to do, when to do it and who to rely on, as you begin to navigate the talent industry:

Acting Biz Workshop: 18yrs+

101: Getting Started in the Acting Biz!

Kidz Biz Workshop: 0-17yrs

Support & protect your budding star.

Modeling Biz Workshop: 18yrs+

101: Get your life as a model off the ground.

Next Act Workshop: 50 yrs+

How to Launch your Second Career.


All “Biz Workshops” cover these topics:

Introduction: Who is Lynne Carole? Background – Experience – Accomplishments (→ Read Bio)

The Power of Marketing: The importance of creating the right marketing strategy right …from the beginning.

Creating your Brand: Assessing your look / type. How does the industry see you?

Photography: Prepare for headshots & photoshoots. Work with the right people. Create the right image.

Casting sites: Where to legitimately market your look, type, skills. Creating a professional profile.

Videos and Reels: What makes a great video & why the video is an actor’s most important marketing tool.

Becoming your own agent: Where, when & how to self submit for roles through casting sites.

Auditions: How to properly prepare for a casting call or self taped audition & make the most of opportunities.

Expanding your Talent: What type of classes should an actor or model invest in, why and when should you take them.

Commercial Acting: a great place to begin: The universal “go to” for aspiring actors & models.

Terms to Know: Expanding your industry vocabulary, what is a slate, sides etc.

Agents vs Managers: What is the difference… How to find one. What are they looking for. When do you begin.

Union & Non-union Jobs: What are the differences and what it means to you.

Networking: How to network properly. How to expand your influence through Instagram and social media.

Biz Workshop Takeaways

A Professional Casting Assessment: Identifies your specific look and how the “natural you” fits the industry. How would a casting agent see you and how to use who you are to your advantage.

A List of Reputable Industry Professionals: Our list of photographers, stylists, coaches, teachers, acting schools, casting sites, agencies, managers and more, is meant to guide aspiring actors and models to the right people for the right services at the right time. Investing wisely in your career is how you create sustainability and inspire opportunity.

Step by Step Roadmap: Continued access to a workshop outline for all students.

Lynne Carole: Owner & Founder of the Lynne Experience: "I am Lynne Carole...Welcome to the Experience"

Full Course Schedule Below:

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