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Lynne Experience: Testimonials

Jitka Vesela

Jitka Vesela was an aspiring model and actress who met Lynne, only a few days after coming to America. As a guest at Lynne Carole’s ModelJam Event in NYC, Jitka spent a moment to thank Lynne for her guidance and giving her the opportunity to be all she could be.

Kelly Grunther

Kelly Grunther, after experiencing a successful and rewarding career in PR industry, talks about how she came to be a commercial model, with the help of Lynne Carole.

Cathy Grossman

Creating a personality reel is a great way to get casting directors to look your way.

“Learning from Lynne, a successful agent, leader, former model and most importantly a role model motivated me to put myself outside of my comfort zone and take a chance on myself.

In the past year, I have been able to grow and prosper as a young model and future business woman and I owe a lot of credit to Lynne and the creative and inspiring team at the Lynne Experience Model/Talent Agency. Lynne has lead me to another stepping stone in my career, by enabling me to have more confidence which has forced me to challenge myself.”

~Ashley, Actress

Ashley; another successful client of the Lynne Carole's Business of the Biz
Alaina; another successful client of the Lynne Carole's Business of the Biz

“We had no clue where to begin when our daughter, Alaina, decided that she wanted to go beyond the scope of community theater and to pursue becoming a professional actress/model. Lynne Carole of the Lynne Experience, thankfully came into our lives around the same time and was extremely helpful. She directed us to a professional photographer for amazing head shots, sent Alaina out on jobs, connected her with an LA agency which led to a booking for the Five Below Stores’ print ad campaign and then about a month later to another booking for the video shoot for commercials for the Five Below store products, all incredible experiences and opportunities that were vastly due to our relationship with Lynne and the Lynne Experience.”

~Devina, Mom of Alaina

“Lynne was the first industry expert I met with when toying with the idea of breaking in to the business of modeling and acting after 20-plus years in another profession. Her advice, guidance, and enthusiasm was invaluable in helping me make that leap, and I haven’t looked back! If you are thinking of breaking into the business and don’t know where to start, look no further.”

~Melanie, Actress/Model

Melanie; another successful client of the Lynne Carole's Business of the Biz
Lynne Carole: Owner & Founder of the Lynne Experience: "I am Lynne Carole...Welcome to the Experience"

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