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The Reel Experience

In the entertainment industry, mediocrity will get you nowhere. To make the most of your style, look and talents, you’re going to have to make the most of your videos, self tapes, and auditions, and there’s no way around this. “The Reel Experience” offers unique services for actors and models at all stages of their careers that focuses on content creation and audition preparation. Presenting quality content to casting directors is a great way to create opportunity. Let us help you make the most of your one shot to impress.

These sessions include:

One-on-one guidance from an experienced talent agent who will also act as reader.

Access to blue screen, camera, and mic to insure a quality video.

Fast and efficient delivery of uploadable video content.

The Personality Reel

A simple yet very effective highlight video.

Self Taping Sessions

Insure a quality performance, and a quality video.

Lynne Carole: Owner & Founder of the Lynne Experience: "I am Lynne Carole...Welcome to the Experience"

Full Course Schedule Below:

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